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Giuliani Expects 2012 Decision by Summer’s End

Rudy Giuliani used his track record as mayor of New York City to argue Sunday for his strength as a potential GOP presidential candidate.

“I think that I’d probably have the best record in terms of having done something similar to what the country needs done right now,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union” during a visit to New Hampshire. “I look at the other candidates. They’ve all done some very impressive things, but none of them really had to take over a city — one of the largest economies in the country, one of the most complex — when it was in terrible trouble and turn it around, have definable results that I can point to.”

The former mayor and 2008 GOP presidential candidate has said he will enter the 2012 race if he believes he has the best opportunity to defeat President Barack Obama. He said he will likely decide by the end of the summer.

Giuliani also praised another potential GOP presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, saying he has “got a great record, probably one of the strongest records of any governor in America, one of the longest-running governorships.”