House Moves Forward on Revamped CR, Disaster Aid Measure

Posted September 22, 2011 at 10:21pm

The House cleared a procedural hurdle tonight on the path to passing a revised version of a short-term funding measure, adopting a rule for the bill and teeing up a final passage vote around midnight.

The 238-176 vote came after hours of whipping by the GOP leadership, which suffered an embarrassing loss Wednesday when a similar CR was rejected on a bipartisan vote. Republicans regrouped after that vote and stripped an additional $100 million in funding from the legislation to win more support from their conservative ranks.

But although Republicans won tonight’s procedural vote, they still must hold at least 218 of their Members together for final passage, a goal they were not able to meet Wednesday.

The stopgap measure would fund the government through Nov. 18 and includes $3.6 billion for disaster aid, of which about $1.1 billion would be offset.

Democrats on both sides of the Capitol have railed against the offset, and Senate Democrats pledged after a caucus meeting tonight not to support the GOP stopgap spending bill if the House passes it, according to leadership aides.