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Heard on the Hill: Better Practice That Poker Face

There is much hilarious political satire on the World Wild Web, but hardly any is focused on the Hill we know and love. So when someone sent HOH a link to “Eric Cantor’s Bitch Face” Tumblr, we pounced.

Like most Tumblrs, this blog takes snapshots of its subject and attaches a tongue-in-cheek statement, like wee snarky thought bubbles.

This Tumblr makes House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) a bit of, well, a bit of a snob actually.

“I said eggshell. This is f—ing ecru,” fake Eric Cantor says in one entry.

In another he is standing by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) thinking: “Of course I look younger than him. I moisturize.”

HOH decided to track down the blog’s creator to see A) if we could and B) whether there is a larger point to their funny. After all, as targets of satire go, Cantor is pretty niche.

First and foremost, the ECBF’s creator insisted to HOH, the blog “is all in good fun.” However, the Democratic staffer behind the blog concedes a deeper message intended.

“There is something about Eric Cantor,” the blogger explains. He seems to have “hilariously obvious disdain for everyone around him [and] he has the worst poker face of anyone I have ever seen.”

In order for satire to be funny, “there has to actually be a grain of truth there,” the staffer says.

In the Majority Leader’s case, what makes the blog funny is drawing attention to his public persona and at the same time highlighting the class and ideological tension between Boehner, who famously swept the floor at his father’s bar, and Cantor, the former lawyer, real estate developer and campaign aide.

Poking fun at actual issues is what makes it funny. And “there is no end to the humor,” the staffer claims.

The ECBF’s creator has no plans to make another Hill-focused blog, we’re told. Next target? Mayhaps a Fox News personality.

Cantor’s office did not respond to our request for comment.

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