Heard on the Hill: Where’s the Fire? In Don Young’s Soul

Posted October 12, 2011 at 8:19pm

A fellow hack tells HOH that Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) looked to be in one hell of a hurry during a recent late-night vote.

“As House leaders were readying the last vote of the evening, Young impatiently yelled, ‘Let’s go!’ motioning with his hand to get things moving,” the floor watcher recalls, adding that Young then camped out by the voting machine so he could swipe his card and go.

“But as he waited, impatience again took over, and he yelled, loudly, ‘Go!’ toward the Speaker’s chair,” our spellbound spy reports.

Did Young have a hot date? A reservation at some award-winning local resto? Nope.

Staffers claim he’s just a bear for efficiency.

“The Congressman believes that Members shouldn’t be dillydallying around; they should be voting,” a Young aide says, noting that during his schoolteaching days, Young would demand pushups from latecomers to class.

“Also, as Congress’ only licensed boat captain, Congressman Young believes in running a tight ship,” the aide quips. (Ba-dum-pum.)