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Heard on the Hill: Boycotting Bullfeathers

Rick Wiley is mad as hell, and he is absolutely not going to take it any more.

Wiley, political director for the Republican National Committee, is leading a Bullfeathers boycott on the Twitter machines with the nifty hashtag “boycottbullies.” Unfortunately, the tag doesn’t make clear just who is bullying whom.

The story is that Bullfeathers, the classic Capitol Hill restaurant, won’t seat diners outside if they don’t have their whole party with them. (Sad!) 

So to get back at Bullfeathers, Wiley has taken his business to Tortilla Coast. (Take that!)

He has also been tweeting about his grass-roots movement daily … and it kind of sounds like he’s is loving it.

“Obama’s bus tour might cost as much as @bullfeathersdc loses from my #boycottbullies,” Wiley tweeted Tuesday.

“We have a policy that is between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.,” one of Bullfeathers’ owners, Bill Walls, explains to HOH. “It’s been a standard policy [at Bullfeathers and] for most restaurants, but we’re only doing it between 12 and 2.”

It seems lunch is a surprisingly busy time for a restaurant that is a block and change from the House office buildings.

Walls tells HOH that he hopes the restaurant can continue to do business with Wiley because “he comes in a lot.” He just wants “to make sure that every person that comes in here gets treated fairly.”

Ladies and gentlemen: These are first-world problems.

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