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Heard on the Hill: Steve King Steamed Over Shower Restrictions

It’s not every day a lawmaker urges his constituents to break the law.

But during Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee markup, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) did just that.

King was incensed — incensed, we say! — when the Department of Energy fined several luxury showerhead manufacturers for selling showerheads that gave off more water than was legal.

(Real question: But how was the water pressure?)

“I’ll tell you how I celebrate those things. [Wait, sir, what things? Showerheads? Or regulations?] It’s my water. It’s my showerhead,” King declared. “I don’t want a nanny state.”

“I drilled my showerhead out with an 8-inch bit,” he continued. “And now I can take a shower in three minutes instead of 12.” (Seriously, everything about this call to arms is delicious.)

“I encourage any American that finds himself wasting too much time waiting for their feet to get wet to drill out their [Vice President] Al Gore water-saver showerhead and go ahead and commit an act of civil disobedience.” (Steve King: the Henry David Thoreau of the House.)

Republicans at the committee meeting chortled and agreed that the government should stay out of Americans’ showers.

So, friends, if the cops show up at King’s bathroom door some morning, you’ll know why.

Shower to the people! Occupy Showers! And other stuff.

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