Rep. Michael McCaul Dings Another Congressman’s Ride

Posted November 2, 2011 at 10:13am

If you see Republican Rep. Michael McCaul behind the wheel, it’s probably best to give him a wide berth.

Tuesday evening, the Texas Republican dinged GOP Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster’s 1990 Eagle Summit, which was being manned by a staffer, as he was trying to leave the Capitol after House votes.

“[The cars] are all slammed in there like bumper cars,” explains McCaul Communications Director Mike Rosen. The Congressman was unaware of the incident until afterward, he tells us.

“My understanding is it could have happened without [McCaul’s] knowledge,” Jeff Urbanchuk, Shuster’s communications director, agrees. “Quite honestly, the Summit is quite a unique vehicle. It would take a low-yield nuke to stop it.”

McCaul’s office characterizes the incident as “a light tap,” while Shuster’s office calls it was a “minor flesh wound.”

According to Shuster’s spokesman, the two lawmakers are “extremely good friends.”

“Things happen,” Urbanchuk says. “No harm, no foul.”

In fact, he says, the Congressman probably won’t even fix whatever damage McCaul may have inflicted.

If he wanted to knock the Summit out, the Texan would just have to “try harder next time.” Uh, that sounds like a challenge to us.

“[We are] focusing our attention on [tonight’s] Congressional football game,” he says.

We can only hope the lawmakers will imitate their cars tonight.