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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: The Old Get-Out-Front, Get-It-Behind-You Move

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has some advice for embattled GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain: Move out of the way.

“He needs to get it behind him,” Steele told a Daily Caller reporter Monday.

And how does Cain do that?

By “get[ing] out in front.”

Ah, yes. The old get-out-in-front-to-get-it-behind routine. Genius. But how?

“Lay out what happened, let those individuals who were involved, you know, address [the sexual harassment allegations] as well, since he’s already spoken to it, and move on and get back on talking about his recovery efforts, you know, as president for the country and how he wants to move us forward.”

Crystal clear.

Steele calls the allegations against Cain an “unnecessary distraction.” OK, if you say so. Easy to distract when an accuser goes on national television, but if you say so, Mr. Former Chairman.

Cain, for his part, has chosen to remain distracted and hold a press conference today. Stay tuned for whether it’s a get-in-front or get-behind moment. Or both.

So overall, how’s Cain doing?

“I think that’s going to be an objective perspective that should be left for those to decide — who are going to be voting, etc.,” Steele says. “I think right now, though, he’s off message.

“He had a good rhythm going,” Steele says. That can be taken a couple of different ways nowadays. Best to leave it alone.

No word on whether Steele is still betting on the Romney/Cain 2012 ticket he predicted two weeks ago.

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