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Heard on the Hill: Show Me State’s Spelling Errors

Missouri GOP Senate candidate Sarah Steelman is pushing her 11-point campaign pledge this week.

That’s fine. Missourians, though, might wonder if maybe she wants to add a 12th point: Spelling their state’s name correctly on her website.

On the “Sarah’s Commitment” page, the former Missouri treasurer vows to “uphold the Constitution,” “be your public servant and put the best interests of the country first” and “thoroughly examine every bill and analyze it.” She asked people who support these radical commitments to fill out a form at the bottom of the page.

Though we have no evidence of this, we assume most of Steelman’s supporters are actually from Missouri, so they would most likely notice that their state was spelled with two R’s in a drop-down menu.

“It’s a double ‘R,’ because we like to put a little ‘rr’ in our fight,” the campaign spokesman (and candidate’s son) Sam Steelman tells HOH.

Nicely played, sir. Unfortunately, he was just joking.

“It was a vendor problem,” he says. “Glad you caught it.”

Our pleasure.

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