Redistricting Scorecard: Jigsaw Politics

More Members at Risk, but Partisan Gains Likely a Wash

Posted November 10, 2011 at 12:28pm

The 2012 redistricting process is more than halfway finished, with 18 states still left to redraw Congressional boundaries. Three big states are among those outstanding: Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.

Overall, redistricting appears on track to be a wash in terms of seat gains for the parties. Expected gains from a Democratic gerrymander in Illinois will likely be offset by GOP gains from the Republican-engineered map in North Carolina.  Democrats could net as many as six seats in California — but Republicans should make up those losses in states where they control the process.

Member-vs.-Member primaries are shaping up to be the hottest races, at least so far. So keep your eyes on California, Illinois and Ohio.

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