Heard on the Hill: So What Do Kids Think About Pizza?

Posted November 15, 2011 at 7:53pm

Children of America rejoice. It looks like Congress will protect your pizza and french fry lunches.

The minibus appropriations conference report makes sure that pizza and french fries can take their rightful place among the vegetable kingdom.

Plenty of experts have weighed in, such as nutritionists and the frozen-food lobby.

But HOH went to the real experts.

We hit up the National Zoo on a crisp, cloudy Tuesday afternoon and showed a bunch of kids pictures of vegetables and another picture of pizza.

Do you think pizza is a vegetable?

“No,” says 4-year-old Bryce with an adorable lisp.


“Because it doesn’t have the same color.”

What does pizza have?

“Pepperoni and cheese,” he says.

Next up, we showed Mary, 3, and Minona, 6, the pictures.

Are these the same thing?

“No,” Minona says.

What’s pizza?

“Pepperoni and bread,” she says.

What’s a vegetable?

Long pause.

Finn, 3, names all the vegetables: “onion,” “broccoli” and “leaves.” But the Finnster is a bit stumped by the other picture.

“That’s all I know,” he says. “I told you all that I know.”

We asked: Is pizza the same thing as broccoli?

“Yeah,” he says with a sigh.

“You don’t think that,” his mom says. “He doesn’t think that.”

“Yeah,” he says again.

Wait until he goes to lunch, though.