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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Grassley’s Sartorial Soapbox Returns

There was a snarky comment on Thanksgiving. And then a few random quips last week. But now that Sen. Chuck Grassley is back to bundling up, it’s likely @CGSweaterVest has been pulled out of the mothballs for good.

The parody Twitter account officially came online last February, bursting onto the Twittersphere with a laser-like focus on the Iowa Republican’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of chest coverings.

His favorite fashion accessory doesn’t share anything too personal about the gruff Iowan but does suggest there’s more to the man than meets the eye.

Some of our favorite Twitter musings include:

• “Hands off ladies. Valentines Day is a time for Chuck to spend quality time with his one true love: Sweater Vests.”

• “I hate when DC starts getting nice out. Its almost like Chuck doesn’t need me anymore. Eventually he comes back. He always comes back.”

• “Fridays might mean casual attire, but Chuck and I are business all the time.”

And, of course, today’s pop-culture dig:

• “Looks like Matt Damon stole the vest that [Chuck] was saving for Christmas day. Not cool Matt, not cool.”

Wear ’em with pride, Senator!