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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Whoops! Tea Party, Mack Goof Bill Nelson’s Name

The National Tea Party Alert has its Nelsons all mixed up.

An email alert sent by the group and penned by Rep. Connie Mack IV (R-Fla.) or his flack included the subject line: “4 Point Lead Over Senator Ben Nelson.”

A 4-point lead over Ben Nelson? Whoa! Congressman, that’s really impressive, especially because Sen. Ben Nelson is from Nebraska and you’re in a primary in hopes of running against Sen. Bill Nelson in Florida.

But, mayhaps Mack wants to beat a Senator named Nelson so badly he’ll take a 4-point lead over anyone with that name?

To be fair, Mack did reference the correct Nelson in the body of his slightly paranoid-sounding email.

“[W]ith an early 4 point lead over Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, the liberal left wants to attack me now — not months from now,” he writes, probably from a bunker somewhere. “I am the candidate they feared would run against Nelson — now they must stop me.”

It stands to reason that it was the National Tea Party Alert that got their Nelsons mixed up, not the Congressman or his campaign.

Still, Mack writes: “P.S. My biggest fear is that the liberal left will attempt to destroy my campaign before I even get off the ground. I just announced my campaign this month and already and the Florida Democratic Party are training their guns on me.”

Eh. We wouldn’t sweat the Dems too much, sir.

Looks like National Tea Party Alert is doing the Florida Democrats’ work for them. … And anyway, MoveOn training guns on its opponents is kind of its (Second Amendment) right and its job.

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