Virginia House Panel Restarts Redistricting Process

Posted January 11, 2012 at 4:56pm

A Virginia redistricting plan that would solidify Republicans’ 8-3 majority in the House delegation passed out of committee today in the state House of Delegates.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that the Privileges and Elections Committee met for five minutes and approved a redistricting plan identical to the one passed by the full House of Delegates last year.

Del. Mark Cole (R), who chairs the committee, told Roll Call the bill likely won’t hit the state House floor until early next week. The Republican-dominated House is expected to pass the bill, and Cole said it would then be sent to the Senate for consideration.

Republicans regained control of the state Senate in November by picking up two Democratic-held seats. Each party now controls 20 seats, and Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is the deciding vote.