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FEC for Breakfast: Member-Vs.-Member Race Fundraising

At Roll Call, there’s no race like a Member-vs.-Member contest. Here’s the fundraising breakdown for these redistricting-forced battles, plus our picks for which Member won the money battle in the fourth quarter:

Democrats Vs. Democrats:

  • CA-30:  Rep. Howard Berman obliterated Rep. Brad Sherman by bringing in almost eight times his haul in the fourth quarter. Berman raised just more than $1 million, while Sherman raised just $126,000. Sherman still has more in his bank account with almost $3.7 million in cash on hand. But Berman is quickly catching up and now has close to $2.9 million in the bank. MONEY WINNER: Berman, by eight-fold.
  • CA-44: Rep. Laura Richardson raised more than Rep. Janice Hahn in the fourth quarter, bringing in $103,00 compared with the newly elected Congresswoman’s $77,000. Richardson had more in the bank, too, with $132,00 in cash on hand. Hahn reported $76,00 in cash on hand. MONEY WINNER: Richardson, by a little.  
  • MI-14: Rep. Gary Peters brought it in more than twice his opponent, Rep. Hansen Clarke, last quarter in their race for this diverse, redrawn Detroit-area district. Peters, a traditionally strong fundraiser, raised $283,000 in the last three months of 2011, giving him just more than $1 million in cash on hand to kick of the election year. Clarke raised $124,000 during the same period, giving him just over a half-million in cash on hand. MONEY WINNER:  Peters.
  • OH-09: Rep. Dennis Kucinich raised $170,000 in the fourth quarter, which is more than his foe, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, who brought in $144,000. But Kucinich burned through most of that fundraising last quarter and reported only $121,000 in the bank a couple of months before the March 6 primary. That’s a fraction of the $707,000 that Kaptur reported she had on hand at the end of 2011. MONEY WINNER: Kaptur.
  • NJ-09: Rep. Bill Pascrell raised more than Rep. Steven Rothman in the fourth quarter, but it’s worth noting that these two men did not know they would run against each other until the end of the year. Pascrell raised $195,000 and posted almost $1.5 million in the bank. Rothman raised just $102,000 but had more cash on hand, $1.7 million. MONEY WINNER: Pascrell, barely.
  • PA-12: Rep. Jason Altmire, traditionally a solid fundraiser, raised more than Rep. Mark Critz in the fourth quarter. Altmire raised $182,000 and had $852,000 in the bank. Critz raised $132,000 and had $465,000 in cash on hand. MONEY WINNER: Altmire.

Republican Vs. Republican:

  • IL-16:  Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) brought in more than Rep. Don Manzullo (R) in the fourth quarter, and showed a larger bank account almost three months before the March 22 primary. Kinzinger raised $286,000 and reported $651,000 in the bank. Manzullo brought in $170,000 and posted $523,000 in the bank. MONEY WINNER: Kinzinger.

Republican Vs. Democrat:

  • IA-03: Once again, Rep. Tom Latham (R) won the quarter by doubling Rep. Leonard Boswell’s (D) haul, $341,000 to $182,000, respectively. Latham, one of Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) allies on Capitol Hill, now has four times the bank account of Boswell. MONEY WINNER: Latham.
  • OH-16: Rep. Jim Renacci (R) edged out Rep. Betty Sutton (D) in fourth-quarter fundraising, $228,000 to $206,000, respectively. But Renacci had more than twice Sutton’s bank account at the end of 2011: $957,000 in cash on hand compared with the Democrat’s $433,000 in cash. MONEY WINNER: Renacci.

These Members have not officially announced their intention to run against each other, but it’s more likely than not they’ll face off with their colleague this year. Here’s a look at fundraising in these emerging Member-vs.-Member races:

  • AZ-06: Rep. Ben Quayle (R) posted a strong quarter with a $262,000 haul, giving him $692,000 in the bank. His likely opponent, Rep. David Schweikert (R), raised $270,000 and had about $700,000 in the bank. MONEY WINNER: Quayle.
  • LA-03: Rep. Charles Boustany (R) raised $224,000 in the fourth quarter, which is more than his likely opponent, freshmen Rep. Jeff Landry, who brought in $190,000. Boustany boasts more in the bank, too, with almost $1.3 million compared with Landry’s $534,000 in cash on hand at the end of last year. MONEY WINNER: Boustany.

Correction: Feb. 1, 2012

The post originally contained an incorrect link to Schweikert’s filing and incorrect raised and cash-on-hand totals.

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