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Grassley Tweets His Feelings

Sen. Chuck Grassley is famous Twitterwide for his tweeting style, and during the past few hours, the man has outdone himself.

It began Wednesday night, when the Iowa Republican took his frustration with the History channel to the Net.

“I turn to History channel frequently bc I like history,” the tweet of frustration began. “There is nevr any history unless u r an antique dealer.”

This is funny to us, because it is true for us, too.

“Change name!” he concludes.

His grumbly Twitter feed started up again later, when he began to live tweet the National Prayer Breakfast.

“I’m at 60th annual NatlPrayer Bfast(my 37th) PresO hasn’t arrives,” he twittered. “I’m hosting tabl ppl fr Sudan ArabEmirates Chicago So Carolina.”

Suddenly, Grassley began furiously tweeting the prayerful goings-on, thereby confusing the “@” sign, which denotes a Twitter user, with a hashtag, which organizes subjects and snarky asides.

This delicious mix-up culminates with the Senator inadvertently tweeting to a young woman (@natl) in Oakland, Calif., about the love of Jesus.

The tweets are reproduced below:

  • @NatlPrayer Bfast Approx 3900 ppl Representation also fr 155Nations
  • @National PrayrBfast an usher told me first time he came 22yrs ago that I Chaired the event when Bush the dad was prez
  • @natlPrayr bfast Eric Metaxas is main speaker. Listd as author and cultural commentataor. I hope he uses Jesus as basis of remarks
  • @natlPrayerBfast presO will close as all presidents always do. This event use to b called presidential prayerbfast Eisenhower was 1st
  • The President has arrived
  • @natlPrayerBfast 11yrold Jackie Evanco is singing gospel. Voice0as strong and pronounce as any fullyMature person
  • @natlPrayerBfast 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robt griffen will give closing prayer
  • @NatlPrayerBkfast. Former Speaker Pelosi reads fr Old Testament. Now leaders of weekly House Prayer Bfast speaking
  • Natl Prayerbkfast Senatr Coburn reads fr New testament
  • NatlPrayerBkfast USAirForce Col Kelly Martin gave”Prayer for National Leaders”
  • @natl prayerbkfast Mataxas main speaker WAS inspiration speaker who spoke abt love of Jesus

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