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Brown’s Daughter Paid $9,500 for Singing at Campaign Events

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign has paid the Republican Senator’s daughter, former “American Idol” contestant Ayla Brown, $9,500 for performing at three campaign events since December 2010, the Boston Globe reports.

Generally speaking a candidate’s family members volunteer their services and campaigns are prohibited from paying them unless they are providing an honest-to-God service.

In this case, Ayla Brown was sharing her vocal stylings, which some argue is an actual skill, during two Christmas parties and her father’s victory celebration.

Both Ayla and her dad’s campaign claim they didn’t want to put the band in the awkward position of volunteering for the campaign.

“It would have been entirely inappropriate to suggest to other band members that they donate their professional services to the father of their lead singer,’’ Brown campaign manager Jim Barnett said in a statement to the Globe.

Here is one of Brown’s paid performances. Decide for yourself!