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The House Joins ‘Team Jacob’

The House will take up the Quileute Tribe Tsunami Protection Act this afternoon, proving that Congress is just a bunch of fanboys in wolves’ clothing.

And, yes, this is the same tribe that Jacob the werewolf and slighted lover of Bella hails from, as Forks is the town that novelist Stephanie Meyers brought to life in her entirely realistic “Twilight Saga.”

Congressional Quarterly’s House Action Report explains: “The bill has garnered widespread support owing to the tribe being featured in the extremely popular ‘Twilight Saga’ books and movies, in which the fictional members of the tribe are werewolves who seek to protect themselves and various townspeople from encroaching vampires.”

According to CQ, the 400-person tribe is known for its “fishing prowess, whaling and canoe building” and strangely not for groups of young people turning into vicious wolves.

HOH can only assume the timing of the bill is no accident, as the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” will be released Saturday on DVD.

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