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Democrats Kickin’ It Old School

Jackson kickin it old school
Jackson kickin it old school

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was spotted this week gabbing away on his awesome retro handset. When we spoke to him about his cool new toy, which looks pretty much like grandma’s surviving landline, he walked us through how to find it on the Internet.

When we found one in pink, Jackson cheered us on: “They come in everything!”

So how did the Illinois Democrat find out about this super-stylish telephonic accoutrement?

“All the credit goes to Lucille Roybal-Allard,” he told us.

The California Democrat said: “My retro phone handset was a gift, and I gave them as gifts to all of my family members. As someone who was born with one foot in each century, I like the mix of the old and the new!”

One day, Jackson saw the Congresswoman pull a “big ol’ knob” out of her bag, and he was a goner.

“She has a red one,” he said. “I have a red one back in Chicago.”

In Washington, however, he rocks the more conservative black one.

“Technology is going too far,” Jackson said. The retro handset adds “some sanity” to a hyper-smartphone world.

The next Democrat to jump on the retro phone soul train? North Carolina Rep. G.K. Butterfield.

“[He thinks] it makes a whole lot of sense,” Jackson told us.

“I’m excited by the possibility of getting an old-school telephone handset to use with my cellphone because it would make it easier to hear,” Butterfield told HOH. “I haven’t ordered mine yet, but if I do, I wouldn’t dare use it in public, and it would have to come in Carolina blue.”

For those of us who are completely stoked by this retro wave, Jackson advised caution: “You have to be careful [the handset] is the right one for your phone.”

Buy yours quick, though, because the train is leaving the station and, like Jackson said, we “want you to come back to the ’70s with us.”


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