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Doomsdayers See End Coming on GOP Watch

Whether the world blinks out this December (go Mayan calendar!) or further down the line, respondents to a new poll conducted on behalf of the National Geographic Channel suspect Republicans will be in charge when our fellow man decides to screw us over.

The Kelton Research survey, which quizzed 1,007 folks from Jan. 3-10 about their end-of-days fears in anticipation of tonight’s debut of channel’s new program “Doomsday Preppers,” uncovered that 52 percent of those contacted expect the GOP to be calling the shots when the next terrorist attack or financial catastrophe rolls around. The other 48 percent see Democrats at the helm when the roof caves in.

Those who believe some sort of cataclysmic hammer might fall appear more fearful of Mother Nature doing us in first, with earthquakes and hurricanes leading the apocalyptic pack (64 percent and 63 percent, respectively). Terrorist actions and fiscal ruin are closer to even money (55 percent and 51 percent, respectively).

Bucket-list enthusiasts, take note: Although a majority of people (27 percent) would do that whole “reconciling with a loved one bit,” the next most popular pastime (24 percent) for the precious last few moments on earth: bumping uglies.

Better late than never (again), I guess …

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