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Space Nazis Vs. Earth: What Would Gingrich Do?

In 1945 the Nazis weren’t defeated! They went to live on the dark side of the moon — or so imagines “Iron Sky,” a movie set in 2018 about Space Nazis who attack America.

Wait a second — 2018?! Wouldn’t that be halfway through President Newt Gingrich’s second term, when he said we’d have a moon colony ourselves? Well, we can’t be sure because simple math addles the brain, so let’s just say “yes.”

Because we’re dying to know what happens when Space Nazis attack, HOH emailed the Gingrich campaign with these important questions:

How would Mr. Gingrich handle an invasion by Space Nazis, or any other dangerous extraterrestrial attack for that matter?

Would an American moon colony be an asset for Earth’s defense?

In the trailer, the president of the United States looks like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Would Gingrich suggest she channel the angry tenacity of the grandmother from the 1987 cult classic “Surf Nazis Must Die”?

The Gingrich campaign has not responded to our most important queries.

“Iron Sky,” starring the incredible Udo Kier, will premiere this weekend at the Berlin Film Festival.


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