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The Chronicles of Throwing Medicare Granny Off the Cliff

Dear Political Group That Has Feelings About Medicare, please stop showing politicians kill old people in your political ads. It is weird.

But sometimes, PGTHFAM, your tactics are awfully silly and more then a little bit offensive.

We don’t need to tell you that the Medicare debate is both complex and critically important to our nation’s future. Therefore, it is ridiculous for a PGTHFAM to produce ad spots that show prominent politicians killing old women.

For example, a PGTHFAM called the Agenda Project produced an ad last May where an actor meant to resemble House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) pushed an older woman in a wheelchair off a cliff, all to the tune of “America the Beautiful.”

This week, American Doctors for Truth made its own ridiculous ad in response to the initial ridiculous ad.

In this one, it is a double of President Barack Obama who pushes a chatty old woman off a cliff, also to the sounds of “America the Beautiful.” She’s begging for her life, and the ad uses an out-of-context speech excerpt from Obama to make the whole scene particularly creepy.

Please, PGTHFAM, please: Let this meme die here.

We realize that most likely no older American was harmed in the production of these political ads, but vicarious geriatricide remains a very strange impulse to indulge.

Yes, PGTHFAM, we’re calling you weird. You’ve jumped the shark.

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