Pud’s Supreme Court Steps

(Neda Semnani/CQ Roll Call)
(Neda Semnani/CQ Roll Call)
Posted March 26, 2012 at 8:03pm

Monday marked the beginning of the Supreme Court’s consideration of the health care reform law, and Pud the Cat was there to observe.

While most reporters were distracted by Members of Congress or Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum or the scores of supporters and critics of the health care law, HOH followed a fat orange cat on a leash walking in front of the building.

Pud, the 13-year-old tomcat, and his owner generally make their way into Washington a couple of times a week just to walk around and enjoy the city. His owner declined to give his name but did say it rhymed with Pud.

Unlike most people, Pud was allowed to wander the steps in front of the highest court in the land. The cat walked through people’s legs and picked his way through camera cords. Like most cats, he suffered people petting him, perhaps not gladly but with a certain amount of style.

According to Pud’s human, the tomcat has no opinion on the health care law. Pud’s human, however, does support the Affordable Care Act. The human wishes the law could have gone further.

“A public option?” HOH asked. The fat cat’s owner affirmed.

Earlier in the day, HOH also caught the sound of a pan flute in the crowd, while lawyers and activists speechified. People on both sides of the issue invoked Jesus. Socialism and capitalism were gleefully misrepresented.

HOH eagerly awaits the second day of oral arguments. However, Pud might have seen all he needed to confirm his feelings about humans and their endeavors.