Washington, D.C., Not Big Fan of Isaiah Washington

(Emily Holden/CQ Roll Call)
(Emily Holden/CQ Roll Call)
Posted April 17, 2012 at 8:50pm

Following George Clooney’s strut through Capitol Hill is tough — or so learned former “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Isaiah Washington.

When the actor known for playing the gifted Dr. Preston Burke arrived today, we expected to see a gaggle of adoring fans lining up, or at least a few gawkers, but alas no such luck.

It might be that “Grey’s Anatomy” fans are still holding a grudge over Washington spitting out a homophobic slur directed at former co-star T.R. Knight. Or maybe everyone just sided with Cristina after the split?

More likely all of Capitol Hill was just distracted by the piggybacking space shuttle flybys, the tax day scramble, the Secret Service/Colombian hooker scandal and the General Services Administration’s taxpayer-sponsored Hawaiian vacation.

Whatever the reason, just a few staffers — and even some press kids — stopped by to snap photos with Washington, including two 16-year-old Girl Scouts from Michigan.

The scouts were in Washington not to see (Isaiah) Washington, but to be recognized for their work on an environmental project. Seeing the star, the girls said, was “a nice surprise.”

Washington appeared before a House panel that oversees international human rights and African issues to support a bill aimed at increasing exports to Africa.

He’s the founder of the Gondobay Manga Foundation in Sierra Leone, a charity program in West Africa focused on drawing international attention to area infrastructure and education needs.