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Your Wife Is Lovely: The Hunt to Meet Clooney

A postcard from the weekend from CQ Roll Call’s Eugene Mulero: How the dreams of one reporter’s wife came true this past weekend:

It is said the most important day in a woman’s life is when she meets George Clooney. For Sarah, my wife, that day happened Saturday at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

For years, Sarah had prepared for the moment when the coolest, sexiest man alive would briefly pay her any attention. She studied his work, read news accounts about him and even held a vigil when he was recently arrested. At times, she would even call me “George” to exercise the mind. There’s even a mantra written on her mirror, which she repeats daily: “Today, I will meet George Clooney.”

At Saturday’s dinner, aware she was in the same breathing-space as the Clooney, Sarah sought him for a picture. She failed at her first attempt; Clooney was busy chatting with Kevin Spacey. But Sarah persisted, and when Clooney had a second to himself, she interrupted the serene moment and he agreed to a photo. Sarah would go on to describe the experience that evening as: “The best day of my life. He is so amazing. His charisma is brilliant like the sun.”

Nothing will ever be the same for her; living is worthwhile — so she can forever remind me and others she met Clooney.

I, too, was fortunate to meet the Cloons. He was at the hotel lounge, enjoying a drink with a lady. I overheard people say, “There’s Clooney.”

I turned, and he was getting ready to walk toward me to get in a limousine.

As he got closer, I told him that my wife had bugged him for a photo earlier in the evening, and he shook my hand. (I was blinded by his smile.) I then pointed to Sarah who was getting us a taxi, and Clooney turned to me and said: “Your wife is lovely.”

Dreams do come true.

– Eugene Mulero

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