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Murkowski Aide Revels in Twitter Infamy

Dan Brucher is not afraid to tell you, or the entire Internet, exactly what’s on his warped little mind.

The one-time aide to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) got the boot in early May for unspecified reasons. He had worked in the Anchorage, Alaska, office since 2005, rising through the ranks from intern to case worker.

Brucher did not respond to emails requesting comment on his departure from Congressional service.

Legistorm ventured that the sudden separation may have been prompted by Brucher’s amazingly risqué Twitter feed, zeroing in on wildly offensive observations running the gamut from conjuring vulgar names for prospective gay bars to taking credit for bizarro pranks.

They didn’t even bother to delve into Brucher’s brutal attempts at dating humor or disturbing slide into anti-Semitism.

We, of course, were most captivated by his work-related rants and random political statements:

  • #AskRomney What rhymes with ‘Orange?’
  • Fat Tuesday, now Super Tuesday? If people are just making up fake holidays, I propose Bat-shit Friday where you can just go fucking ballistic
  • @AOTS The greatest I ever pulled, was convincing #work we need the ‘Variety Package’ so I can watch #AOTS live once again.
  • Sorry, job applicant, but if you spelled it “highered,” you won’t be. #IHatePeople

The constant stream of questionable material should have come as no surprise to the Murkowski camp, given that Brucher last fall gave co-worker and Twitter pal Mary Leschper — she removed herself from Brucher’s orbit between Thursday afternoon and today; a second Murkowski aide, Sally Rey, still follows Brucher’s feed — fair warning about what he is all about:

Dan Brucher chats with Mary Leschper

impending dismissal

And lest anyone think he’s learned any kind of lesson from the ordeal, take a gander at what Brucher brazenly highlighted earlier today:

Brucher links to Legistorm

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