Few Want to Play Politics

Posted June 13, 2012 at 12:29pm

With the election looming, entrepreneur Peter Forth must have figured he had a slam dunk on his hands.

The video game designer pieced together a politically incorrect strategy game, “Democrats vs. Republicans,” that deliberately “caters to the worst stereotypes from both sides of the political spectrum”:

“It’s so great to step outside the monster/alien/robot/elf rut and do something completely unique and different,” Forth asserts in his Kickstarter pitch.

But it looks as if nobody’s buying.

The would-be iconoclast remains more than $14,000 shy of his goal with just more than two weeks left in the fundraising cycle.

Potential investors should know his satirical vision translates to a world in which President Barack Obama pelts foes with basketballs, former Vice President Dick Cheney sprays everyone with buckshot, GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) sears nonbelievers with “a golden beam of truth” and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — “famous for her frigidity,” per her game bio — freezes opponents in their tracks.

The battleground is also populated by free-roaming righties (consultants, survivalists, religious fanatics, tea baggers), lefties (intelligentsia, welfare moms, union workers, hippies) and anarchic “wild cards” (suicide bombers, money-sucking vampire squids).

We would contribute, Pete. But we interact with all your nightmarish caricatures just about every single day.