The Heat Is On

Posted June 20, 2012 at 12:16pm

Sunscreen: check. Drink-filled cooler: check. Big foam finger: check.

Tickets to tonight’s Congressional Women’s Softball Game: ?

It’s gonna be a scorcher, folks. And not just because the mercury is climbing toward the triple digits. Even after the sun begins to take its leave of us, Capitol Hill will be sizzling with excitement as lady lawmakers square off against female hacks for bragging rights in the fourth annual softball smack down, to be held at the Watkins Recreation Center at 420 12th Street SE.

Roll Call Politics reporter and team captain Abby Livingston will be hurling for Team Press Corps, while Senate leadership gadfly (and avowed sports nut) Meredith Shiner will police the infield from second base. Our sources tell us Gillibrand will take the mound for Team Congress.

Tickets are $10. Watching fellow scribes (hopefully) spank the reigning champion pols: priceless.