Florida: Ron DeSantis Goes on TV

Posted June 29, 2012 at 1:01pm

Congressional candidate Ron DeSantis, who has recently received a series of impressive endorsements in his bid for the GOP nomination in Florida’s open 6th district, went on TV recently with a simple direct-to-camera ad.

“Politicians play by their own set of rules, we pay the tab,” he says, standing in what appears to be a living room. “They spend us into oblivion, yet they give themselves generous pay and benefits. Worst of all, they disregard their oath to the Constitution. This has to stop,” he says, as light patriotic music begins to play.


“I’ve taken an oath to the Constitution,” DeSantis, a retired Navy JAG officer, says over photos of him in a military uniform. “I’ve served in Iraq, prosecuted criminals and am still in the Navy Reserve.”

“I take my oath seriously. It’s time Congress did too,” he says as the ad concludes.

DeSantis is running in a crowded GOP field that includes Jacksonville City Councilman Richard Clark, former Ruth’s Chris CEO Craig Miller, state Rep. Fred Costello and others in the Aug. 14  primary.

The ad is supported by a small buy, according to a Democratic source familiar with it. The spot, which appeared to begin airing earlier this week, is backed by about $7,500 over two weeks on cable in the Jacksonville and Orlando media markets, according to the source. A DeSantis spokesman had no comment on the size of the buy.