McCain: U.S. Performance in Syria Is ‘Disgraceful’

Posted July 8, 2012 at 10:18am

Sen. John McCain ripped the Obama administration’s handling of Syria and reiterated his call to arm the rebels and set up safe zones for them inside that country in an appearance today on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“The United States of America’s performance so far has been shameful and disgraceful. … My question is, to the secretary of State and the president of the United States, is how many more have to die before we take action to help these people?”

McCain called for arming the rebels and likened the situation to Bosnia and Libya. “It’s not a fair fight. Russian arms are pouring in, Iranians are on the ground. And people are being massacred, tortured, raped and murdered as a matter of policy by Bashar Assad. …

“When was the last time the president of the United States stood up and said, ‘We are with these people.’ They are fighting for the same things we believe in and stand for.”

McCain said he was confident Syria would become a democracy if the United States helped overthrow Assad, and he noted that if the situation lingers, extremists would hold greater sway.