Dear Friend …

Posted July 12, 2012 at 12:01am

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania has a bit of a phishing problem.

The PAGOP sent out an email blast Wednesday informing its subscribers that the group has “kept pace with an ever-changing world to include an online headquarters at, as well as a rapidly growing grassroots e-mail network.”

However, that proud and rapidly growing email list must have groaned as it scrolled down to read a “personal message from your friend Miriam Konate.”

“Dear one,” Konate begins. “Please pardon me if my mail has startled you, since we don’t know each other I am daughter of late lieutenant cornel Ibe konate I had been a female Medical student of the University of cocody in Abidjan cote d’iviore,West Africa. … I am 20years old ,”

The email goes on to outline Konate’s sad tale and then to ask for money.

Even though the email says it was paid for by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, the organization says it was not. It is just a classic case of email phishing.