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Nevada: Shelley Berkley Hits Back in Two New Ads

Rep. Shelley Berkley responded with two new Senate campaign television ads launched three days after the Ethics Committee announced that she was the subject of a formal investigation.

The Democrat’s ads, unveiled today, both downplay the scrutiny the Congresswoman is facing and turn the focus back onto the voting record of Sen. Dean Heller (R), whom Berkley is challenging. The Las Vegas Sun first reported the ads this morning. A source told Roll Call that it is a “very significant buy.”

In the ad titled “Quote,” the announcer seeks to diminish the merits of the investigation by noting that the Nevada Republican Party filed the initial complaint and quotes a Las Vegas Sun editorial from September 2011 that argued Berkley’s “advocacy wasn’t driven for personal gain.” The announcer also says Heller’s criticism of Berkley for this means he’s “actually attacking Berkley for trying to stop cuts to Medicare coverage for hundreds of thousands of patients nationwide.” It ends by noting that “Heller voted twice to end Medicare as we know it.”

The “Proud” ad goes directly after Heller, with the announcer criticizing his votes in favor of plans that would “essentially end Medicare.”

The announcement of the ads comes a day after the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reserved $2.3 million in fall television airtime on Berkley’s behalf and after Roll Call reported that Crossroads GPS, the issue-advocacy arm of GOP-aligned super PAC American Crossroads, had reserved $1.8 million in fall airtime in the state.

Watch the ads here:

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