Take Five With Rep. Daniel Webster

Posted July 24, 2012 at 12:01am

If it’s Tuesday, it’s HOH’s Take Five, where we get to know a Member of Congress through five fun questions. This week, Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) talks about the Olympics and his deep seawater experience.

Q: Disney World is one of the major attractions in your district. If you could create a ride for the theme park, what would it be like?   

A: For someone with an engineering degree, this is a dream question. … I’m envisioning a system where visitors choose a party allegiance before entering that respective wait line, and since we’re on the I-4 corridor, both lines would be relatively the same length. Democrats would quickly move on to the Tower of Terror, while Republicans proceed directly to the Hall of Presidents.

Q: You are a distant relative of Daniel Webster, the famous 19th-century Senator. If he could give you any advice about elected office, what do you think he might say?  

A: I think what he did say is as powerful and true today as it was then: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

Q: Will you watch the Olympics? If so, what event are you going to watch?  

A: Absolutely. I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan Lochte, a Central Florida resident and Florida Gator, bring home several golds in swimming. I’m also going to cheer for Kellie Wells in the 100-meter hurdle. She’s been training in South Lake County.

Q: Growing up in Orlando, any memorable deep seawater experiences?

A: My dad, who started the air conditioning business that my sons now run, used to save scrap copper from old units and then sell it to spend on a deep-sea fishing trip for our employees and family at the Sebastian Inlet [State Park].

Q: SeaWorld or Walt Disney World?

A: You’re forgetting a major one: Universal Studios. I’m going to be the consummate politician here and say that all three offer memorable and exciting experiences for visitors. … With six children and seven grandchildren, my theme park ride choices are usually determined by someone else. Whether we are riding the Test Track at Epcot, the Kraken at SeaWorld or the Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure, as long as I’m with them and eating ice cream, I consider that to be the perfect day.