‘H Street’ Gets Screen Time

Posted September 10, 2012 at 12:01am

Capitol Hill was deathly quiet during August. But enough people stuck around to liven up the Argonaut during a special screening of a show set in their ’hood, the new sitcom “H Street.”

Many in the crowd were ultimately — and some unwittingly — roped into serving as a test audience for the pilot.
Locals Joel Clark, Kasey Kirby and Dominic Turano produced the show. In classic TV show setup, it’s about four very different people thrown together to learn, live and love, this time in Northeast Washington.

It’s shot documentary-style, and sometimes the narrative cuts to the creators arguing over the script or with an actress who wants to get paid.

Oh, and it’s all filmed in the actual Argonaut.

In the first episode, a black Republican, a female Democrat, the bartender, a British singer-songwriter and a dippy hippie chick figure prominently.

Meanwhile, the bar gets held up by a robber who takes everyone hostage. Then the bar patrons hold him hostage.

It’s hard to say whether the plotline is really complicated or the Argonaut’s acoustics were really bad.

Either way, Kirby tells HOH he and his cohorts are hoping for feedback from people who were at the screening so they can refine future episodes — assuming they secure backing or catch the eye of distributors.