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California: Scott Peters Launches First TV Ad

In a top pickup opportunity for Democrats in California, San Diego Port Commissioner Scott Peters (D) launched the first television ad of his bid to defeat Rep. Brian Bilbray (R).

The clever ad features young children sitting around a boardroom table arguing, screaming and pounding their fists.

“Bickering. Fighting. We wouldn’t put up with this from our kids. It’s time Washington got something done,” Peters says into the camera. An announcer then goes through Peters’ accomplishments as a San Diego city councilman.

A Peters campaign spokeswoman said the campaign spent about $227,000 to air the ad for the next two weeks, with 750 gross ratings points of broadcast TV and 50 points of cable.

Bilbray has not yet aired his first TV ad, but the National Republican Congressional Committee this week began airing an ad accusing Peters of helping “trigger the pension crisis that nearly bankrupted the city.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last week announced the TV ad it’s running against Bilbray, criticizing his political career. “For 36 years, Brian Bilbray has either been a politician or a lobbyist,” the announcer says.

Roll Call rates this race as a Tossup.