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Cheri Bustos Busts a Tough Shot

Democratic House candidate Cheri Bustos is a crack shot.

Bustos, the East Moline Alderwoman challenging Republican Rep. Bobby Schilling (Ill.), released a new ad this week promising all the same ol’, same ol’ that most challengers do, namely the timeless pledge that she will make Washington more “fair.”

Yawn. However, at the end of the ad, Bustos punctuates her point with a big smile after she sinks an over-the-shoulder shot without looking.

According to sources, this wasn’t just a bit of luck.

During the filming, Bustos apparently made two of the shots she attempted.

This trick might be just one of the reasons that Bustos, a mother of three and grandmother of two, was inducted into the Illinois College Hall of Fame for basketball and volleyball in 1994.