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Thank You for the Cupcakes We Can’t Eat

Updated 6:51 p.m. | This is not the first time HOH has received a special package, but today it was in cupcake form.

The group Bankrupting America, which is a project of Public Notice, held a 500-cupcake giveaway today on Capitol Hill in honor of the moment the United States surpassed the $16 trillion debt mark.

“Bankrupting America’s goal is to highlight our staggering $16 trillion national debt and urge members of Congress to work together and make debt reduction a priority,” Public Notice Policy Director Lenwood Brooks said in a statement.

The group zoomed about the Capitol in its “Cupcake Joy” truck and made two stops: first to Union Station and next to Federal Center to “hand out free debt-reduction cupcakes.” On the way, the group popped by our offices to drop off our own special mini debt cakes.

America’s Not-So-Sweet-16 Cupcakes from Bankrupting America (Amanda Becker/CQ Roll Call)

Sadly, being serious journalists, HOH did not allow even a crumb of this sweet attention-grabber to pass our lips, but we did skip over to Union Station to check out what was doing.

Unfortunately for Bankrupting America, it looked like the sweet stunt might not have been the great success it had hoped. Or, maybe it was more than they could’ve wished. By noon thirty, the free cupcake fans made like a Tasmanian Devils and snatched up their bits of cake and fast as they could. Pretty soon, the “Cupcake Joy” truck was 600 cupcakes lighter and completely out of product. No one was left in line to grab a free cupcake, and there was not one cupcake muncher left lagging about the place.

Warren Rojas contributed to this report.