The Comity Before the Storm

Posted September 13, 2012 at 12:01pm

Before they launched into yet-another bitterly partisan markup, the House Ways and Means Committee enjoyed a moment of levity this morning, bantering on marriages and chapeaus.

Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) kicked things off by congratulating ranking member Sander Levin (D-Mich.) on his marriage earlier this summer to Pamela Cole.

Levin, gratified, said he was happy to see the chairman, who has been battling an early and treatable case of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, in such fine form. Camp was sporting a sleek black Nike cap.

“My only hesitation is it’s not a Detroit Tigers hat,” Levin said.

Camp replied that he had a Tigers hat to wear but that it didn’t have adequate padding. It had nothing to do with the Tigers’ lagging standing in the American League wild card race.

“When I come back next week, I’m going to bring you a very well-padded Detroit Tigers hat,” Levin promised. “What size?”

“Smaller than it was, I’ll tell you that,” Camp replied.

They shared a laugh. Then the rancor resumed.