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David Harrison

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A Trust Fund That Sprang a Leak

Funding Options for the Nation’s Infrastructure

Highway Funding Still Under Construction

Ahead of Highway Bill Deadline, One Republican’s Evolution on the Road to Transport Devolution

Infrastructure Bonds Provide Funding Option

Tailing Europe, U.S. Is on the Road to New Investment Bonds

White House’s New Bonds Seek to Attract Private Investment

Wisconsin Proposal Will Figure in Presidential Politics

State Fees on Hybrid, Electric Cars Suggest Alternative Path for Highway Funding

Looking for Investment in the Next Generation

Are Skies Clearing for Rebuilding Air Traffic Control?

Jobs Gains Ease Wage Pressure — on Congress

Ballot Actions Only Sharpen the Divide on Minimum Wage

Amtrak Looks for Balance Between Serving Northeast Corridor, the Rest of the Country

Road Closed to Investor Cash for Infrastructure Funding

Advocates See Hope in Plan to Raise Federal Gas Tax To Keep Highway Trust Fund Going

Camp, R-Mich., and Levin, D-Mich., preside over a Ways and Means Committee meeting (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

GOP Plan to Save Highway Trust Fund May Win By Default

Camp, R-Mich., will lead a Thursday markup of legislation to extend the Highway Trust Fund (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Uncertain Future for Next Week’s Highway Trust Fund Extension Vote

Conservatives See Highway Trust Fund Fight as Road to State Control of Transportation Spending

House GOP Drops Postal Rescue for Highway Fund

Solutions to Highway Fund Shortfall in the Slow Lane

Manufacturing’s Comeback: Numbers Fabricate a Complicated-Yet-Rosy Outlook

Department of Labor Will Examine Pay Threshold, Management Exemption for Overtime

History Shows Overtime Pay Protections Are Disconnected From Employer Hiring

New York Provides EITC Test Case

Expanded EITC May Offer New Lessons in Labor Economics

As ‘Retirement Gap’ Concerns Reach Across Partisan Divide, Senators Propose Savings Solutions

Solutions to the Retirement Problem, Compared

Healthy Job Growth Comes in Health Care, Mining

State, Local Hiring Are Finally Joining the Recovery

For the NLRB, Confirmation Peace May Be Fleeting

Legal Case on Appointments May Reach Beyond NLRB

Hourly Mandate Prompts a Full-Time Work Debate

Finding Employment Data Has Turned Into Work

GOP Leery of Labor’s Push for a Health Care Law Fix

Health Care Plan Dispute Complicates AFL-CIO’s Goals

Evangelicals Announce Ad Buy Urging Republicans to Back Immigration Overhaul

‘Border Surge’ Amendment Attracts More GOP Support for Senate Immigration Bill

‘Hastert Rule’ Worries Hispanic Caucus

Rubio, Republicans Preparing Tougher Border Security Plan for Immigration Bill

Clash Over Boston Bombings, Immigration at Judiciary Hearing

Immigration ‘Gang of 8’ Pats Itself on the Back

Boston Bombing Likely to Postpone Unveiling of Immigration Bill

Leahy Adds Immigration Hearing Following GOP Requests

Rubio Defends Emerging Immigration Bill From Conservative Criticism

Blown Immigration Deadlines by ‘Gang of Eight’ Testing Senate Nerves

Immigration Bill: Senate Group ‘Close’

Obama Wants Immigration Overhaul Debate Within the Month

Business-Labor Talks on Guest Workers Falter

For State Senator, Golden Opportunity Tied to the Golden Years