GOP Hopeful Ropes Fellow Comedians for Fundraiser

Posted September 14, 2012 at 2:02pm

Neophyte Republican candidate Wayne Winsley hasn’t worked the comedy club circuit in more than a decade. But he’s recruited some friends who still do to headline his “Stand Up for a Change” comedy show/campaign fundraiser.

Winsley tells HOH he told jokes for a living from 1988 until about 2000. He was also a radio personality (1989-2009) and is now challenging seasoned Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro in Connecticut’s 3rd district.

Saturday, Sep. 22, show

Although he has not formally met Marion Grodin, the daughter of actor Charles Grodin, Winsley said they have a friend in common and that she agreed to do the show as a favor to him.

When he was a professional cutup, Winsley occasionally found himself working alongside future greats. He recalled sharing the stage with Chris Rock at Standup New York in the early ’90s. “We both did well. [But] he did better than I did,” Winsley said of the night they both worked the same crowd.

When we pressed him about the best part of his routine, Winsley launched into a discussion about how marriage should be like buying a brand new car (full disclosure, iron-clad warranty). But he suggested that more often than not, it’s akin to buying a used car at night.

“You never know what’s wrong ’til you get it home,” he quipped.

(Somebody take his wife. Puh-leeze.)