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Daily Ad Track

Beginning today and continuing through Election Day, Roll Call will offer a daily smattering of campaign ads that the Politics Team finds worthy of highlighting. Look for the Daily Ad Tracker most week-day afternoons.

Today’s offering features a collection of television spots launched in House and Senate races and run by candidate’s campaigns, national party committees and third party groups, such as super PACS. The theme of today’s Tracker: “Firsts.”

Arizona Senate: Rep. Jeff Flake (R) is up with his first television ad of the general election campaign for the Grand Canyon State’s open Senate seat. In the first seconds of the ad, he seeks to tie his Democratic opponent, former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, to President Barack Obama. The ad is set to air in the Phoenix and Tucson media markets.

Indiana Senate: The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a spot on the Hoosier State airwaves starting today. The buy is for $650,000 this week, and the spot marks the GOP’s committee’s first foray into the airwaves for this race:

House Races: House Majority PAC released $1.3 million worth of ads today in IL-17, NH-02, OH-16 and WA-01, hitting Republicans in those four districts for the first time this cycle. The spot airing in Rep. Bobby Schilling’s (Ill.) district will run in Peoria for a week at $110,000:

The spot airing in Rep. Charles Bass’ (N.H.) district will run on Manchester broadcast and Boston cable for two weeks at $440,000:

The spot airing in Rep. Jim Renacci’s (Ohio) district will run for a week and a half in Cleveland at $400,000:

The spot targeting Snohomish County Councilman John Koster, a Republican running in Washington’s 1st district, will run for two weeks in Seattle at $380,000:

Additionally, the political arm of the American Federation of State county and Municipal Employees started airing ads in Pennsylvania’s 12th district targeting attorney Keith Rothfus’ (R) bid to unseat Rep. Mark Critz (D). PoliticsPA reports the buy is for $325,000:


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