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Artur Davis, ‘Hercules’ Actor Appear Before GOP

Republicans booked some out-of-the-ordinary guests at their internal meetings in the past few days.

Kevin Sorbo, an actor whose Twitter bio says “Yes, the Hercules guy,” was at the GOP’s Conference meeting Thursday. He was perhaps one of a few guests who could have overshadowed Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP’s vice presidential nominee, who also popped by the Conference meeting to fire up the troops.

And former Alabama Rep. Artur Davis, who served as a Democrat but has been mulling a comeback campaign as a Republican, spoke at a Whip meeting Wednesday.

Members and aides were mum on what Sorbo said.

Davis delivered a rousing speech that focused on the importance of defeating President Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election, sources tell HOH.

Democrats, Davis said, passed their health care overhaul in the 111th Congress despite knowing it was unpopular, thinking they knew what was in the best interests of the very people who hated the law.

If Obama wins, despite the dismal economy and the unpopular health care law, his victory would vindicate Democrats for ignoring popular opinion, Davis said.