Comedians Not Amused by Voter ID Changes

Posted September 26, 2012 at 2:58pm

As we are continually learning, artistic types are none too happy with what they perceive to be Republican-led efforts to quash votes that might benefit President Barack Obama later this fall.

A fresh crop of lampoon videos helps drive home their tongue-in-cheek warnings about the absurdity of supposed voter fraud curbs.

Team Funny or Die lays out just how easy voting can be — as long as everyone arrives at the polls prepared to eat meat, pantomime their privates and can quote former President Ronald Reagan by heart:

Straight-shooter Sarah Silverman unloads on the GOP for its push on voter ID laws, saying they would disenfranchise minorities, the elderly, college kids and the less affluent. But rather than merely kvetch about the problem, Silverman offers an ingenious solution: arm EVERYONE. We’d link directly to the uncensored version of Silverman’s treatise, but we’re pretty sure anyone looking at it at work would get fired, and times are tough enough. Easy enough to find, though, with your Google machine if you like.