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Ripon Society Dives Into ‘Let Teddy Win’ Campaign

For the Ripon Society, Teddy Roosevelt is serious business.

Named after Ripon, Wis., the birthplace of the Republican Party, the society was founded in 1962 at the height of the civil rights movement in an effort to “revive the Grand Old Party’s commitment to inclusion and reform.” The society cites Roosevelt as inspiration for its values and plasters his likeness on the front of its website.

And because the society is founded on the 26th president’s values, it couldn’t help but get involved in one of the most pressing issues facing Teddy’s legacy: Teddy’s winless record in the Washington Nationals’ Presidents’ Race that takes place during the fourth inning of every home game.

In this week’s “Teddy Tweets” column, which features historical Teddy musings, the society jumped feet-first into the “Let Teddy Win” campaign that’s sweeping the nation, or at least the Washington metro area.

“Let Teddy Win,” the society wrote in the column, attributing the quote not to Teddy but “in his spirit” and “in honor of The Washington Nationals clinching the National League East.”

With Wednesday being the last home game in the regular season, perhaps Teddy’s chances will improve.