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Team Boehner Cyber-Slaps Obama

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) apparently never tires of needling President Barack Obama. He even used the occasion of redesigning his website to toss up this snarky “404 error” message:

Speaker John Boehner's
(Screenshot of page)

HOH has repeatedly inquired about the origin and debut of the cleverly conceived Web diss, but Boehner’s flacks have remained tight-lipped about the mystery coder.

Mind you, Boehnerland’s jab is not the most politically incorrect search redirect we’ve ever seen:

Great Satan
(Courtesy Google Images)

Or the most emasculating:

Where's the beef
(Courtesy Google Images)

Or even the most nerdcore:

(Courtesy Google Images)

But we do have to give them props for developing a 24/7 thumb-in-the-president’s eye.