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Democrats Continue Pro Forma Protests

As the House continues to meet in biweekly pro forma sessions, Democrats continue taking to the floor to symbolically demonstrate their frustration with GOP leaders and blast Republicans on a gamut of issues.

During this afternoon’s minutes-long pro forma, Democratic Reps. Russ Carnahan (Mo.) and Gerry Connolly (Va.) were present to call on the Republican leadership to address looming sequestration cuts but were denied the chance to speak.

Each pro forma session marks a new opportunity for Democrats to take to the bully pulpit and express their readiness to return to Washington to deal with issues they say are important to the American public.

In past pro formas, Democrats have tried to ask unanimous consent to bring the Violence Against Women Act to the floor as well as a Democratic jobs bill, expiring tax rates and cuts to defense and social programs. Each time, the chairman has immediately gaveled out without allowing floor time.

“So far, House Republicans have shown no willingness to compromise or bring the House back to address this looming crisis,” Connolly said in prepared remarks after the House adjourned.

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