‘Vote White’ and ‘Vote Black’ Hashtags Are as Awful as They Sound

Posted November 6, 2012 at 5:32pm

Twitter is a pretty amazing mirror, which reflects the best and worst of America.

By mid-Election Day, for example, two hashtags began picking up steam: #VoteWhite and #VoteBlack.

The #VoteWhite tag was started early Oct. 31 by @MichaelTGoodman to @Jamesdjudson, @Jamisoncruce and @RodentRuler, his buddies. Three of these guys are from the University of Georgia, while the Rodent Ruler aka Blaine Holbrook hails from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. The hashtag was co-opted later that day by @NotSoThuggin, who encouraged his followers to #VoteYes and #VoteWhite. The following day @Jtayy4 continued the trend with his tweet: “When in doubt, #VoteWhite.”


On Nov. 1, @laniikormz tweeted: “#VoteBlack.” From that point the two tags have picked up speed, though the #VoteWhite hashtag seems to have a lot more traffic as of 5 p.m., but the #VoteBlack hashtag is starting to pick up speed. 

Here are some choice tweets from both hashtags: