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Three House Democrats Burgled

It was the best of times, and, for three Democratic Members of Congress, it may have been sort of the worst of times, as well.

In the wake of a successful election night, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (Calif.) vacation home and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s district home were burgled  — the Californian’s twice — and Michigan Rep. Hansen Clarke’s Detroit office was broken into sometime late Wednesday night or early this morning.

“They stole three laptops, two camcorders, a camera, a Blackberry,” Clarke tells HOH. All constituent personal information is safe, he says.

“Apparently, they jimmied the front-door lock,” Clarke says. “But, just so you know, our office is in a large building that has restaurants, banquet halls, things like that. It’s in downtown Detroit. But our office was the only one broken into.”

The Congressman says he thinks the perpetrators targeted his office specifically.

“I do have a suspicion that our break-in could be politically motivated,” the Congressman says. “I’m hounded daily by political people who want to know what my plans are after my term is over with.”

Over the weekend, Kucinich’s Cleveland home was ransacked.

“[W]hoever did this went through the house systematically,” Kucinich told FOX News Cleveland. “Everything has been gone through, papers rifled, just everything.”

“I don’t have any idea what they could have been looking for,” he continued. “But whatever it was, it’s going to take me weeks to figure out what might be missing, and I already know that some things are.”

Both Kucinich and Clarke will be leaving Congress after this term.

Pelosi, who is not leaving Congress, had her Napa County vacation home broken into twice this week, once on Monday evening and a second time on Election Day.

On Wednesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Kevin Michael Hagan, 21, admitted to the break-ins. Police say Hagan also allegedly burgled four other homes in the area. He said he didn’t know that it was Pelosi’s home.

HOH has contacted Capitol Police for information about whether the Pelosi, Kucinich and Clarke burglaries are related.

Or maybe it’s just a weird coincidence.

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