Feast on These Alterna-Turkey Day Tips

Posted November 21, 2012 at 7:43pm

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

If you are tuning into the HOHverse instead of hanging with the fam, we’re willing to bet you are: 1) desperately in need of last-minute recommendations to punch up a meh menu, and/or 2) open to suggestion on how to spice up your holiday weekend.

Either way, HOH has got you covered.

We’ve gathered a buffet of quickie cooking vids — brought to you by the improvisational gods at Tasted (big ups, kitchen ninjas!) — celebrating a host of non-traditional indulgences.

Capitol Hill restaurateur Spike Mendelsohn kicks things off with a three-course feast for the happily inebriated:

Entertaining maven Beth Le Manach has the 4-1-1 on a killer sweet guaranteed to make guests reach right past any pedestrian pumpkin-based production — broiled marshmallow s’more pie:

Confidence is high the DIY graham cracker crust tip will prove mighty useful for years to come.

Already dreading dispatching the leftovers?

Seasoned pit master John Stage is all fired up about turning second-day bird into a first-class breakfast via his barbecue turkey hash:

Call us crazy, but we can totally see these zesty turkey patties (you had me at sautéed poblanos, John) rocketing to the top of my breakfast-for-dinner rotation.

Finally, those who prefer to mark the holidays by bending the elbow can get in the spirit of things by reverse engineering the bacon-infused “meal in a glass” Bloody Mary that blew Top Chef alumnus Kevin Gillespie’s mind:

May your eating and drinking be epic!