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Making the Most of #My2K

President Barack Obama has invited the general public to lobby on its own behalf, prompting average Americans to sound off about how allowing expiring middle-class tax cuts to careen off the fiscal cliff would affect individual households.

White House's #My2K pitch
(Courtesy White House)

The social media stunt — the White House reported there have been 132,000 (and counting) #My2K submissions since Wednesday — has stirred up all kinds of chatter on the Internet.

Obama supporters have taken to laundry listing what the projected $2,000-plus tax hike would slash from their personal budgets (tuition, mortgage payments, health insurance, food), while conservatives have seized upon the zeitgeist to air their own grievances (Benghazi, mandatory spending cuts, class warfare).

We’re most intrigued by those with very specific agendas in mind, including:

Political activists

  • @deeorumpshaker: @McConnellPress Otherwise, #my2k WILL buy me 50 Ditch Mitch yard signs & 100 2014 Ashley Judd for Senator t-shirts. Broker this deal, Mitch!
  • @metalmonster29: #my2k @SpeakerBoehner I live in Ohio. People ARE NOT talking nice about you! Would you like an application for Dog Catcher?
  • @MAblackliberal: #my2k depends on keeping @ScottBrownMA from becoming 2nd #masen – @MassGovernor will need to run if Senator Kerry picked for cabinet! #p2
  • @disgustedavgmom: @BarackObama 36 Pres aides owe 834k back taxes, EPA -413 owe over 19 MILLION, FDIC owe over 3 mil! Have yr own pay taxes owed first #My2k
  • @SeaDogWMEC622: Everything should be on the table Mr. Durban #My2K
  • @jester12345: $2200 is darn close to our annual charitable giving. Might have to rethink that if congress doesn’t get it’s act together. #My2K
And, of course, the Absurdists:
  • @PiperScott1949: WTF is “fairness”? It’s not fair Mandy Patinkin sings better than me, so tax his voice so I can have his talent, that’s #My2K. Fair talent!
  • @mandacritch: @lillycritch Found your Xmas present. Think it will go nicely in your dining room. #housewarming #creepyassshit #my2k
  • @smithgoetz: So much weed. #My2k
God bless the Internet.

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